What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?

DBT’s founder, Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., developed DBT from her own journey out of darkness.  From the pain in her own life she realized that a new treatment was needed for people who struggled with strong, difficult emotions, impulsivity and chaos in their lives.

In 1993 Marsha published her book and since then DBT has been extensively developed based on the research conducted both at the University of Washington where Dr. Linehan is a professor and throughout the country and even internationally.

DBT has emerged as a highly effective evidenced based treatment and can best be described as a way to learn all those things that we needed to learn growing up but didn’t.

Marsha’s goal: to help those in pain find a Life Worth Living.

Is DBT for me?

 Well in a sense DBT is for everyone.  There is no one that cannot gain from learning the 4 sets of skills:

How to be mindful and live in the moment

How to tolerate difficult situations without making them worse

How to relate effectively to other people

How to use emotions effectively and to change painful emotions


And, DBT will be life giving for you if you struggle with:

Being in the moment

Making things worse when something goes wrong

Being able to ask for what you need or say no effectively

Emotions that are out of control and painful 


What are my options?

DBT Classes

DBT Classes + Individual Therapy with either your current therapist or one of our DBT therapist

DBT Individual Therapy

Tell me more about the classes.

All classes meet for 2 hours/weekly, cost per week is $65

Separate classes are available for adults and adolescents

The classes are made up of 4 modules that last 5-7 weeks.  You can enter and leave the class at the beginning of a module.

24 week cycle completes all modules

Class times are set around participants’ common availability

A one-on-one orientation will be conducted prior to your first class, cost is $150

How can I get started?

To find out more email us at admin@sanantoniodbtcbt.com or call (210) 488-2092 or (210)488-2093 to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.