What is Radically Open (RO) DBT?

RO DBT is a new treatment that targets over-controlled behavior.  It turns out that some of us are born with a natural tendency to be able to detect threat in the environment, to not be highly motivated by reward, to have a strong ability to control our behavior and our emotions and to have great attention to detail.

These traits are very important for success and for the survival and progress of the human race in general.  And, they can lead to feelings of being driven to be perfect, difficulties in relaxing and connecting with others, avoidance of new experiences, low enjoyment of life, isolation and loneliness.

Dr. Tom Lynch has spent 20 years researching human pain that comes from issues related to over control.  From his research emerged a new treatment approach that teaches skills specifically designed to address these difficulties.  These skills are rooted in evidence and based on the current knowledge of our neuro-regulatory systems. To hear Tom describe the need for the development of this new treatment click here:  www.radicallyopen.net/about/ and select Professor Thomas Lynch. Video is about 8 minutes.

I’ve tried therapy before and it didn’t work.  How is this different?

This therapy begins from the perspective that the problems you are experiencing can be addressed with the development of skills and the development of the self-enquiry process.  The therapy is largely self directed and recognizes that there will be multiple points in the process that you may want to quit.  What research has shown is that the working through of these urges to quit when you feel, for example, misunderstood are very important to the process.  As therapy begins, you and your therapist or class leader will agree to work through these issues when they arise with openness and a curiosity about what each can learn.

What are my options?

RO DBT Classes

RO DBT Classes + Individual Therapy with either your current therapist or one of our DBT therapist

RO DBT Individual Therapy

How do I get started?

To find out more email us at admin@sanantoniodbtcbt.com or call (210) 488-2092 or (210) 488-2093 to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.

RO DBT Classes

All Classes meet for 2 hours/weekly

30 week cycle

Patients may enter an on-going class following a one on one, 1-2 hour orientation. Fee $150

$65 per class; payment plans and sliding scale may be discussed on a case by case basis
Free 15-minute phone consultation available to patients wishing to explore RO DBT’s relevancy for them
Separate classes will be offered for adolescents and adults
Classes will be scheduled to accommodate patient availability