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Congratulations, team members! We are proud to announce that…

**New Group Alert!**

Nicole Struble, LCSW is opening up a new group, the Present Perfect Book Group. Find more about it on the Present Perfect Book Group page.

New Book Release!

Carolyn Black Becker, PhD, ABPP, along with Nicholas R. Farrell and Glenn Waller, have recently released their book, Eat Without Fear: Harnessing Science to Confront and Overcome Your Eating Disorder. Find it online at Oxford University Press.

From the publisher: “Eat Without Fear provides practical, reader-friendly information about this innovative, scientifically-supported approach, as well as guidance on how to apply it effectively to beat an eating disorder using a “team approach” that involves family members, friends, and other loved ones. Readers will benefit from the use of easy-to- understand language describing the key concepts of eating disorders and how exposure therapy can help treat them. Additionally, the book guides readers through therapeutic activities that enable them to effectively practice exposure therapy techniques on their own. The book encourages collaboration between readers and their loved ones and offers practical suggestions for how they can work together to achieve their desired goal.


  • Includes a variety of resources and tools the reader can use to implement exposure therapy
  • Presents a diverse array of exposure therapy techniques that apply to a broad range of eating disorders
  • Provides key principles on how to support exposure therapy for loved ones and caregivers of individuals with eating disorders”

The new RO DBT App, developed by Lori Prado and Hope Arnold is now available! Find it on the iOS app store.