We offer groups both in person and via telehealth.

We offer the following groups:

Group FAQs

What are the skills groups?
  • Full-program DBT and RO DBT utilize skills groups. These groups are not support groups, but are more similar to classes. You will learn the behavioral skills for your particular kind of therapy, so that our individual therapy can be focused on you and applying these skills to current situations in your life.
  • The DBT group is 24-weeks and is typically repeated 2-3 times. The RO DBT group is a 30-week commitment.
Can I just join the skills groups?
  • If you have an individual therapist that is recommending you join a skills group as a supplement to therapy, you can join a skills group after an intake assessment to assure it is the right treatment for you. Email to learn more about the process and prices.
  • Skills-only therapy, when you are not also in individual therapy, is appropriate for only a small portion of people who need a very low level of care. If you are not receiving the right amount of therapy, it can be hard to get better. An intake can help determine if skills-only therapy will be appropriate. If we determine it is appropriate, you will do 4 individual orientation sessions before joining a group. If we determine an individual therapist is needed in order to benefit from treatment, we would place you in a skills group only after you begin individual therapy at our center or elsewhere.
When are the groups offered?
Day Population Therapy Clinician Setting  Time  
  Adult RO DBT Alex Gamboa In-Person 5:30 –

7:30 pm

  Adult DBT Christina Wright In-Person 5:30 –

7:30 pm

  Support Person/Parent DBT Nicole Struble Telehealth 12:00 – 2:00 pm
Adult Addictions Christina Wright Telehealth 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
  Adult RO DBT Zack Speer Telehealth 4:15 –

6:15 pm

  Adult RO DBT Lori Prado In Person 4:15 –

6:15 pm

  Adult DBT Mayra Torres Gonzalez Telehealth 6:00 –

8:00 pm

  Adult DBT Kristin Lopez In Person 12:00 –

2:00 pm

  Support Person/Parent RO DBT Zack Speer Telehealth 1:00 –

2:15 pm

  Multifamily with Adolescent DBT Kristin Lopez & Christina Wright  Telehealth 5:00 –

7:00 pm

  Adolescent RO DBT Tayler Weathers In-Person 5:15 –

6:30 pm

  Adolescent DBT Mayra Torres Gonzalez In-Person 5:30 –

7:00 pm

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