What is Radically Open (RO) DBT?

Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT) is an evidenced-based treatment targeting excessive self-control. Overcontrol (OC) has been linked to social isolation, poor interpersonal functioning, hyper-perfectionism, rigidity, risk aversion, lack of emotional expression, and difficult to treat mental health problems such as obsessive compulsive disorder, restrictive eating disorders, treatment resistant anxiety, chronic depression, and more.

RO DBT specifically works towards building the three important aspects of emotional well-being: openness, flexibility, and social connectedness. We do this through targeting biotemperament.  OC individuals are “threat sensitive” meaning they may see the negative rather than the positive first.  By working with this biology rather than ignoring it, change begins to happen.

“We don’t see things as they are—we see things as we are.” -Dr. Thomas Lynch, RO DBT Treatment Developer

Are you overcontrolled?

Many of our RO DBT clients know they are OC as soon as we start exploring OC traits like being a perfectionist, finding it hard to relax, trouble connecting with others, emotionally leaking when they don’t expect it, being overly cautious, careful, and dutiful.

What kinds of issues are treated through RO DBT?

*Depression         * Anxiety         *Paranoia and Mistrust         *Rumination and Over Thinking         *Social Isolation

*Loneliness           *Restrictive Eating         *Over Exercising           *Grudges         *Bitterness           *Envy

*Poor Communication Skills         *Psychosomatic Issues           *Obsessive Thinking         *Compulsive Fixing         *Anger

While this is not an exhaustive list of the symptoms OC clients report, it contains some of most common ones. RO DBT treatment is tailored to each client’s unique issues.

Want to learn more about RO DBT and overcontrol?

Contact us to speak with an intake coordinator  or check out the RO DBT research website.

What does RO DBT treatment look like?

RO DBT Classes + RO DBT Individual Therapy one of our RO DBT therapists

RO DBT Classes + Individual Therapy with a supportive therapist

RO DBT Classes alone

RO DBT Classes

All Classes meet weekly, $65/class

30 week cycle

The 1 1/2 hour initial assessment is $250. If you have an individual therapist at CDCBT, your orientation to skills class will be folded into your individual therapy. If you have an outside therapist or have been recommended for skills training alone, you will need to attend 3-4 orientation sessions prior to joining your skills class.

Individual Therapy cost varies by clinician.

Adult Class times: Tuesday 11-1, Tuesday 5:30-7:30, Wednesday 4:15-6:15

Adolescent Class time: Thursday 5-6:30

Our RO DBT Team:


Lori Prado, LPC-S, CEDS                          Kay C. Watt, LPC-S, CEDS                  Hope Arnold, LCSW, MA









Alexandra Gamboa, LPC Associate   Zack Speer, LPC Associate